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If you’ve got a crazy idea, we want to hear it. Related to design preferably, but if you just want to chat then that’s ok too.

Gordon St Garage

The illustrations used were part of the existing and then we did a food and venue photoshoot on top of that top use within the sit and really show off their functions areas and menus. Everyone was very happy with the end result.

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Princi Homes

They had an existing site that worked well but didn’t portray them as the quality home builders that they were. They¬†asked us to make them look elegant, so we did.

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Rothstein Lawyers

Rothstein Lawyers needed a cosmetic update but also a site that they could easily update due to the changing nature of what they deal with. I made them something they loved that lets their clients find what they need and makes it easy for Rothstein Lawyers to keep people informed whilst gaining new clients.

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Paddock + Farm

A butcher and bistro, I wanted this site to explain what was going on as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. The concept isn’t that crazy but it’s generally ideal if users know the business without trying. This was a great shoot as I was shooting the food of good friend and Masterchef contestant, Benjamin Bullock. I feel the freshness and quality of the produce comes through in the aesthetic and photos used.

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Fusion Landing Page

Fusion needed a page to generate leads off of a facebook advertising campaign so we went for a straight forward landing page with contact form. I wanted to dazzle then usher users towards submitting their details, which is always tricky in the financial services space.

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Perth to Perth

Website and blog of Masterchef Benjamin’s upcoming trip from Perth Australia, to Perth in Scotland. We’re raising money for beyond blue and I’m confident I’ve never done anything more worthwhile with my skillset. The adventure will take him a long way, and we’re hoping to capture food from around the world as well as the people.

Not actually capture people, that’s wrong. Film people, and talk to them. Not capture.

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Common Bakery

A one page site to display the necessary information regarding Common Bakery, the bakery of the Bread in Common family. As such it had to match the current style of the groups’ other venues but in a way that could easily updated. I wanted to be based on a style that could be adapted further again, if we are to revisit web presence of other venues so versatility was key. Having to get up at 4am to take photos had never been so fun. Never again will I use “White Bread” as an insult, as it’s delicious and fascinating.

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This site was a joy to make as the client simply said, go wild. Normally this is a red flag but I knew he meant it and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Each page is nothing short of adorable whilst tight enough to retain professionalism. The cartoon characters helped to make the site graphically rich without blowing out file sizes.

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Rate My Mortgage

The client wanted a landing site for destination for online ads to get users contact info and current mortgage rate. The main thing was to ensure it didn’t come across as spam so we kept it tight and professional.

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An accountant wanted to keep their classic aesthetic across to a formal and professional website. One of the more fun items is on the income tax calculator page where I manually entered the equations for predicting tax. We took new head shots and general photos for use on the website to give it a more  personal touch.

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A basic site was already established, but for some reason the driving school industry seems to be one of the most cut throat so we needed to gear it more towards making sales and getting people on the phone. Added rich graphics, more opportunities for contact as well as links to relevant resources.

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Sue's Driving School

The site is no longer online but one of the first that I made. Using twitter bootstrap to code it and then custom designed all of the graphics. Performed well.