Booki for Bookkeeping

Booki was a dream project as Leonard called me up and said “I’m starting a Bookkeeping business, go wild”.
Arriving at Booki was simple, funky fresh businesses of today end in an “i”. (Aami, Youi etc). We were trying to make it sound like more of a friendly approachable services as traditionally financial services are viewed as a bothersome expense. So an endearing and approachable face was needed. After explaining to Leonard that we couldn’t use his face as a logo (very difficult to embroid), we decided a ghost was a good idea. BOO-ki. Little ghost makes you think snapchat so the mental association of quick and easy helps us though Booki is actually a Pacman reference. In Pacman, the ghosts dictate the field, not the player meaning the blue ghost doesn’t get played. Realistically though we just wanted to go for cute as no one else in Bookkeeping was taking that angle.

From there we did the website and some collateral, see the website here or follow the link in the slider. For the website, I wanted to make every page engaging. Each service is rich with graphics to compel the user to continue through the content, and hopefully be sold on Booki’s services by the end of the page. It’s also much easier to launch the information into someones brain than leave it on a page and hope for the best.

See some of my favourite components below, but do visit the site. It’s a real treat.

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