“If you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” – Vanilla Ice

Be my guest

If you’ve got a crazy idea, we want to hear it. Related to design preferably, but if you just want to chat then that’s ok too.

Grass Fed Cows

An ad to promote our The Fig’s Grass Fed Cows. Something something omega 3.


Wanted to make Bookkeeping
seem like more of a modern friendly
service in line with Mailchimp etc
to fit the range of tools used by
the modern startup.

Rate My Mortgage

Logo and web design to
generate leads for a
Mortgage broker.
See the site here.

From Perth to Perth

The logo for a fundraising around the world bike trip.
The orbiting line actually goes from Perth AU to
Perth Scotland. Ish.

Sammys Paving & Drainage

He liked cool & bold modern designs but wanted to retain a certain professionalism. Using pipes and bricks to make a badge that also explained what the business did.

Fusion Flyer

Having a clear idea in mind from the client,
It’s a simple flyer that covers services in a broken down approachable way.

Learner Driver Guide

A Driving School Client who has produced their
own learner manual needed a cover.
Wanted it to pop whilst fitting their branding, without directly mentioning the school.

Fiddly Bits

Being a general handy man, we wanted an approachable logo.
Bold font and a strong blue promotes trust
and accessibility.

Carbon Case Study

The client wanted a flyer with examples of how each of their services could help a business displayed in an engaging way. Hunting down the client using all of the services was the hard part.

Flyer back

The back of a flyer in the same run as the above, listing the specifics of each service of each branch of the business.

NECA Magazine Ad

An ad in the back of a tradies group magazine after Carbon won Bookkeeper of the year.

Carbon Journey

This flyer was to show the process of each of Carbons services and how they interlink.
The shape is their logo on it’s side.

Free Range Pork

Part of a serious of quirky animal ads for The Fig to advertise their positive practices.

Wayward Fig

Part of a proposal for The Fig with the idea of venturing into food delivery services. More subscription groceries than takeout.

Sutaffu Beer

Sutaffu Beer ad featuring Top Knot Detective’s
Takashi. From much much earlier in my career.

Fig Billboard

organised a shoot of a friend then photoshopped the features and designed the rest.

Review Card

A business card asking for positive reviews to turn around Urbanspoon scores.

Mothers Day

Common Mothers Day design using the retro Woman’s Day font.

Butter Coffee

Wholeheartedly recommend butter coffee. It’s not actually a butter mug, that’s just photoshop.


Logo for a bookkeeping and
accounting firm called Fusion.
I fused icons representing
the 2 to make an F.